Vol 10, No 1 (2004)


Two impressive essays that explore the energetic cultural presence of gender open Action, our first issue for 2004. In ‘Burst into Action’ Stephen Chan explores how the ‘woman warrior’ in Hong Kong action cinema organises aspects of everyday Hong Kong sensibility in the shifting terrain of the global popular. Then, in ‘Men who Surf’, Clifton Evers takes us to some of the moments when male bodies are formed in relation to the violent beauty of waves and surfing cultures. In both cases, the (formerly iconic) objects that emerge in these studies—the cinema and the beach—become radically different spaces that take us in unexpected directions. These essays are followed by Isabel McIntosh’s engaging study of cultural sovereignty in the disappearance of the Urewera Mural and Raya Massie’s wild ride with the hypercreature.

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Chris Healy, Stephen Muecke 7-8


Burst Into Action: The Changing Spectacle of Glamour Heroines in Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema PDF
Stephen C. K. Chan 11-26
Men Who Surf PDF
Clifton Evers 27-41
The Urewera Mural: Becoming Gift and the Hau of Disappearence PDF
Isabel McIntosh 42-60
Hypercreature Rhizome: A Performative Work PDF
Raya Massie 61-79

New Writing

Graffiti Beijing PDF
Christen Cornell 81-99
Currency Lad PDF
Jaya Savige 100-101
Marginal Propensity PDF
Jaya Savige 102-103
Rounds PDF
Michelle Dicinoski 104
Quartet: On the Theme of to Portray is to Betray PDF
Paul Magee 105-117


Queer Centres and Peripheries PDF
Dennis Altman 119-128
My Trouble with Queer PDF
Roman Kuhar 129-131
Post-socialist Queer PDF
Zvonimir Dobrovic 132-133
What's at Stake? History Wars, the NMA and Good Government PDF
Julie Marcus 134-148
Toolbox for Electric Fences PDF
Melissa Gregg 149-160
Skirt, Cap and Gown: How Fair are Universities to Young Women in Postgraduate Study? PDF
Tara Brabazon 161-175

Review Essay

On the Popular and the Critical: Hop on Pop and the 'New Generation' of Cultural Studies PDF
Guy Redden 177-186


The Aesthetics of Action Film-making PDF
Michele Pierson 189-192
Voicing a (Virtual) Postcolonial Ethnography PDF
Mark Galliford 193-198
A Complex Millenium of Zoos PDF
Rebecca Bishop 199-203
Reading Radio PDF
David Goodman 204-210
The Antinomies of Anti-Capitalism PDF
Ian Buchanan 211-216
The Young and the Restless PDF
Lindsay Barrett 217-222
The Ethics of Embodiment PDF
Alison Ross 223-225