Vol 11, No 1 (2005)


What happens when sacred sites are destroyed? What are the effects of being dispossessed and of having one’s own existence denied? Desecration of the sacred, of land and of self are themes explored in a group of essay co-edited by Deborah Rose and Peter Read. These studies of PNG, Havana, Sarejevo and parts of Australia bring living beings and the dead into a realm in which violence that refuses life confronts life that refuses obliteration. These essays offer rich and resonating thought.


In other essays Marcus Breen ponders cultural criticism and life in the USA, Nicola Evans shows how sensational trials catapult private matters into the public sphere, and Ross Chambers writes a poetic supplement to Peter Cary’s My Life as a Fake. The Provocations section showcases Iain McCalman, making his case for state and popular support for the humanities and social sciences, and Isabelle Stengers on ‘ecology of practices’ as a tool for thinking. In New Writing Jane Messer reflects on the maternal heroine in memoir and fiction.

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Chris Healy, Stephen Muecke 7-8


US Cultural Studies: Oxymoron? PDF
Marcus Breen 11-26
Adventures in Malley Country: Concerning Peter Carey's My Life as a Fake PDF
Ross Chambers 27-51
Caviar and Friendship: Sensational Trials and the Reinvention of Public Space PDF
Nicola Evans 52-70
Ethics, Morality and the Formation of Cultural Studies Intellectuals PDF
Gary Wickham 71-86


Introduction PDF
Deborah Rose, Peter Read 89-91
The Witness in Contempt: Reflections on Overfamiliarity, Pain and Desecration PDF
Maria Tumarkin 92-97
'Desecration' in a Place of Refuge PDF
Diana Glazebrook 98-109
And the Dead Remain Behind PDF
Peter Read 110-121
The Rain Keeps Falling PDF
Deborah Rose 122-127

New Writing

The Maternal Heroine PDF
Jane Messer 129-141
Provenance: A Fall, a Leap PDF
Jane Messer 142-150
The Telling Room PDF
Sarah Holland-Batt 151-153
Chedi Gong PDF
Andrew Leggett 154-155
Elephant PDF
Luke Beesley 156-157
The Pleating of History: Weaving the Threads of Nationhood PDF
Martin Ball 158-173


Making Culture Bloom PDF
Iain McCalman 175-182
Introductory Notes on an Ecology of Practices PDF
Isabelle Stengers 183-196


Electronic Wallpaper PDF
Brett Farmer 199-202
Uncovering Nudity PDF
Susan Luckman 203-207
History('s) Re-turns PDF
Sara Wills 208-211
Too Black, Too Gay: The Disco Inferno PDF
Paul Williams 212-216
Fear of Fantasy PDF
Fiona Giles 217-221
Whose Ethics? PDF
Alan McKee 222-227
The Man of Feeling PDF
Ken Gelder 228-232