Vol 12, No 1 (2006)

Art and Ecology

 Art criticism and ecological studies, the two special sections in this issue, are not normally the province of cultural studies, but the way in which these sections were set up and developed indicates that these areas should be central to the concerns of the discipline.

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Chris Healy, Stephen Muecke 7-8

Indigenous Art

'Old Lady Mob': Interview PDF
Christine Nicholls 11-15
Breasts, Bodies, Art: Central Desert Women’s Paintings and the Politics of the Aesthetic Encounter PDF
Jennifer L Biddle 16-31
The Art of Dreaming: Merleau-Ponty and Petyarre on Flesh Expressing a World PDF
Rosalyn Diprose 32-43
Petyarre and Moffat: 'Looking from the Sky' PDF
Linnell Secomb 44-56
Rhythm and the Performative Power of the Index: Lessons from Kathleen Petyarre's Paintings PDF
Barbara Bolt 57-64

Ecologies and Environments

What If the Angel of History Were a Dog? PDF
Deborah Rose 67-78
Face to Face: Place and Poetry PDF
Martin Harrison 79-88
Parrot Interpreter: Representation, Extinction and the Electronic Information Environment PDF
Paul Carter 89-103
Waste Matter: Potatoes, Thing-Power and Biosociality PDF
Gay Hawkins, Emily Potter 104-115
Elixir PDF
Janet Laurence 116-117
Natural Logics of the Indian Ocean PDF
Devleena Ghosh, Stephen Muecke 118-131
Ecologue PDF
Katrina Schlunke 132-140
The Rise of Digital Multimedia Systems PDF
Ross Gibson 141-151

New Writing

Shut Up, Nobody Wants to Hear Your Poems!: Painter Versus Poet PDF
Keri Glastonbury 153-172
Becoming Semi-devotional: Creating a Melbourne Beach Poetics PDF
Michael Farrell 173-178


An Exchange on Theory and Cultural Studies PDF
Various Authors 181-201
Celebrating the Secular PDF
Amanda Lohrey 202-206


Towards an Ethical Multiculturalism PDF
Graeme Turner 209-211
Mapping the Minor PDF
Fran Martin 212-217
Hack the System! PDF
Michael Dieter 218-221
A Roadmap to Men and Maculinities PDF
Michael Moller 222-227
Beyond the Empire PDF
Charles McPhedran 228-233
Symmetrical Modernities? PDF
Chris Fleming, John O'Carroll 234-239