Vol 12, No 2 (2006)


This is the first edition of Cultural Studies Review to be edited by John Frow (University of Melbourne) and Katrina Schlunke (University of Technology, Sydney). The new editors continue the tradition of publishing strong and rigorous work in cultural studies including work that is reflexive about its status as writing, and work that intervenes in culturally configured social problems.

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
John Frow, Katrina Schlunke 7–8

Cultural Research

Introduction PDF
Fiona Allon, Meaghan Morris 11–16
From Criticism to Research: The 'Textual' in the Academy PDF
Meaghan Morris 17–32
Between Sydney and Hong Kong: Doing Cultural Research without Guarantees PDF
Fiona Allon 33–49
Consumption: Why Does It Matter in Cultural Research? PDF
Kimburley Wing Yee Choi 50–73
Driving Cultures: Cars, Young People and Cultural Research PDF
Sarah Redshaw 74–89
From Cobra Grubs to Dragons: Negotiating the Politics of Representation in Cultural Research PDF
Tanja Dreher 90–106
Negotiating Culture, Economics and Community Politics: The Practice of Lei Yue Mun Tourism in Postcolonial Hong Kong PDF
Shun-Hing Chan, Iam-Chong Ip, Lisa Y.M. Leung 107–28
The Mask of Aging: Doing Cultural Research for a ‘Social Problem’ PDF
Kit-Ling Luk 129–48
Anti-Ageing Cultures, Biopolitics and Globalisation PDF
Brett Neilson 149–64
Contextual Utility and Practicality: Cultural Research for the School Community in Hong Kong PDF
Po-Keung Hui, Stephen C.K. Chan 165–182
From Cultural Studies to Cultural Research: Engaged Scholarship in the Twenty-first Century PDF
Ien Ang 183–97


Rich Pickings PDF
Jean Duruz 199–204
Sensational Studies PDF
Peter Caldwell 205–10
The Desire for Connection—Shame and its Many Faces PDF
Mary Zournazi 211–14
Understanding Celebrity and the Public Sphere PDF
Leila Green 215–225
Sporting Authenticity PDF
Michael Moller 226–230