Vol 13, No 2 (2007)

Slight Anthropologies

In many surprising ways the essays in this collection evoke an idea of the human as a fragile category. ‘Slight’ anthropology is here then a study of a particular kind of ‘mankind’ where both the practice and the object are in different ways porous events. As this title touches upon the diverse essays and reviews collected within, the initially deprecating mode (slight) can be seen to operate as a kind of contagion, where one vulnerable project spreads through another and another.

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
John Frow, Katrina Schlunke 7–8


Slight Anthropologies PDF
Gabrielle Lorraine Fletcher 11–19
Taking Them Back: Archival Media in Arnhem Land Today PDF
Martin Thomas 20–37
Unaustralia: Strangeness and Value PDF
John Frow 38–52
The Kingsbury Tales PDF
Ouyang Yu 53–65
Writing, with, T/error And Calling on the Body of an Artist PDF
Lisa McDonald 66–76
John Howard's Body PDF
Paul Magee 77–97
Poetry as Means of Dialogue in Court Spaces PDF
John Kinsella 98–114
Culture and Pedagogy: On the Popular Art of Reviewing Popular Art PDF
Robert Briggs 115–33
Relationscapes: How Contemporary Aboriginal Art Moves Beyond the Map PDF
Erin Manning 134–55
Knowing the Country PDF
Eve Vincent 156–65
Postshamanism (1999) PDF
Juan Obarrio 166–89
The Belsunce Case: Judgment, Uptake, Genre PDF
Andrew Munro 190–204
Trace Evidence: The Uncertainty of the Real PDF
Belinda Morrissey, Kristen Davis 205–16


Bringing Indigenous Religion into Focus PDF
Marion Maddox 219–25
Mixed Feelings PDF
Anna Gibbs 226–32
A Decade of Work from Meaghan Morris PDF
Alison Bartlett 233–36
The Micropolitics of Slow Living PDF
Susie O'Brien 237–41
Discomforting Delights PDF
Margaret Mayhew 242–46
Beyond Borders PDF
Kate Douglas 247–50