Issue 10 July 2012

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Alison Brown

Research and Evaluation

Local Government and Local Development: Bridging the Gap through Critical Discourse: Evidence from the Commonwealth Caribbean PDF
Eris D Schoburgh
Rural Municipal Development and Reform in Canada: Policy Learning through Local - Provincial Collaboration PDF
John Martin, Gary Paget, Brian Walisser
Women in Charge: Politics in a Women Majority Local Council in Australia PDF
Hilde Bjørnå
Governing Carbon Mitigation and Climate Change within Local Councils: A Case Study of Adelaide, South Australia PDF
Heather Zeppel
Assessing the Institutional Capacity of External Agencies in Holding Local Government Accountable in Uganda PDF
Umar Kakumba


Constitutional Challenges of Creating New Local Government Areas in Nigeria PDF
Jude Okafor
Working Relationships for Sustainability: Improving Work-based Relationships in Local Government to bring about Sustainability Goals PDF
Jade Herriman, Hazel Storey, Phil Smith, Grahame Collier
SEA: Comparing Open Perspectives on Planning Sustainability in Sardinia (Italy) and Torbay (Devon,UK) PDF
Corrado Zoppi


Review of the Commonwealth Local Government Good Practice Scheme PDF
Rachael Duchnowski
Regional Transition Groups and Regional Collaborative Groups - A Voluntary Approach to Structural Reform in Western Australia PDF
Chris Berry

Blog Review

A Cyclist’s Eye View of Rural Sustainability and Governance in Canada PDF
John Martin


Complete Issue (1.88MB) PDF