A local government authority leading action research: Impacts and replicability

Neranjana Gunetilleke


The paper explores whether the institutional model of the IDRC Colombo Focus City Project has had an impact on overcoming challenges associated with research based learning designed to influence policy and implementation processes of local government. Through an outline of the conduct of the Colombo Focus City action research project, initiated and led by the Colombo Municipal Council, a model and strategies are presented that can provide insight into how action research might influence policy and practice at the local level. The model studied is one where the policy makers - or more accurately, policy advisors and interpreters - lead the research team and are part of the implementation stages and learning processes. The paper considers the nature of the particular LGA studied in influencing the possibility for policy change. Finally, the article draws out elements that can be considered critical in replication of this model of research influencing policy

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