Vol 2, No 2 (2006)

ICT, Telecommunications, Computing and Information Technology, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Informatics, Physics

Table of Contents


Preface PDF
Johnson Agbinya, H Anthony Chan, Donald Adjeroh 2
Call for Paper (Special Issue On Cross-Layer Design of Multihop Wireless Networks) PDF
Johnson Agbinya, H Anthony Chan, Donald Adjeroh 3

Wireless and Mobile Communications

Networking in Rural Environments: Benefits, Feasibilities, and Requirements Untitled
Yang Li, H Anthony Chan, Johnson I Agbinya 6
An Applicable GSM Network Model for Networking in Rural Environments PDF
Yang Li, Johnson I Agbinya, H Anthony Chan 7
An Adaptive Power and Bit Allocation Algorithm for MIMO OFDM/SDMA System Employing Zero-Forcing Multi-user Detection PDF
Peerapong Uthansakul, Marek E Bialkowski 8
DSP Prototype of a Chaos-Based Multi-User Communication System: Design and Performance Analysis PDF
Ljiljana Simic, Stevan Berber 10

BioInformatics and e-Technologies

FDTD Investigations into UWB Radar Technique of Breast Tumor Detection and Location PDF
Hua Wang, Marek E. Bialkowski, Feng Liu, Stuart Crozier 7
Contextualizing ICT in Africa: The Development of the CATI model in Tanzanian Higher Education PDF
Mikko Vesisenaho, Jyri Kemppainen, Carolina Islas, Matti Tedre, Erkki Sutinen 22

Communication and Sensor Networks

Extensions to the IEEE 802.11 TSF for Efficient and Reliable Network Synchronization in Large Scale MANETs PDF
Peter Rauschert, Arasch Honarbacht, Anton Kummert 9


Authors Guidelines for Preparation of Papers Untitled
Johnson Agbinya 5
Copyright Form PDF
Johnson Agbinya 1