Performance Analysis for QoS Provisioning at Connection-Level in Cellular WCDMA Networks

Saied Mohammed Soliman


In this paper we propose a new connection admission control (CAC) scheme namely dynamic bandwidth reservation (DBR) algorithm at the network layer in order to provision connection-level QoS in cellular WCDMA network. DBR scheme supports Multirate services for new and handover (HO) connections traffic by employing orthogonal variable spreading factor (OVSF). However, to exploit the wireless time-varying channel, we employed a prediction criterion of wireless channel for each mobile connection. Therefore, we impact the wireless channel characteristics in the new/HO traffic distribution. The teletraffic analysis of the proposed scheme is analyzed using a novel multistep Markov chain model. We compare our proposed scheme with multiple leaf code reservation (MLCR) schemes without code reassignment [4]. The performance of the proposed scheme is measured in terms of handover connection dropping probability (HCDP), new connection blocking probability (NCBP), forced termination probability (FTP) and channel utilization.


Quality of service (QoS), OVSF, Markov Chain, Connection Admission Control (CAC), WCDMA

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