An Adaptive Power and Bit Allocation Algorithm for MIMO OFDM/SDMA System Employing Zero-Forcing Multi-user Detection

Peerapong Uthansakul
Marek E Bialkowski


The paper describes an adaptive algorithm for power and bit allocations in a multiple user Multiple Input Multiple Output Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (MIMO OFDM) system with Space Division Multiple Access, which operates in a frequency selective fading channel. The zero forcing (ZF) technique is applied to accomplish multi user detection (MUD). A Lagrange multiplier method is applied to obtain a one-step solution for optimal power and bit allocations in this system. The resulting algorithm is advantageous over an alternative Greedy algorithm, because it does not require a time-consuming iterative procedure for its implementation. The algorithm assigns bits and power for all users according to the channel state information (CSI), which is assumed to be fully or partially available to the transmitter. The simulation results show the proposed algorithm operates successfully in multiple user access scenarios.


MIMO systems; OFDM; Lagrange multiplier method; Multiuser channel; Adaptive system

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