An Overview of Internet Measurements:Fundamentals, Techniques, and Trends

Artur Ziviani


The Internet presents great challenges to the characterization
of its structure and behavior. Different reasons
contribute to this situation, including a huge user community, a
large range of applications, equipment heterogeneity, distributed
administration, vast geographic coverage, and the dynamism
that are typical of the current Internet. In order to deal with
these challenges, several measurement-based approaches have
been recently proposed to estimate and better understand the
behavior, dynamics, and properties of the Internet. The set
of these measurement-based techniques composes the Internet
Measurements area of research. This overview paper covers the
Internet Measurements area by presenting measurement-based
tools and methods that directly influence other conventional
areas, such as network design and planning, traffic engineering,
quality of service, and network management.


Internet, traffic engineering, network planning and design

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