"Scenario"-adaptivity for e-service management in heterogeneous networks

Antonio Iera
Antonella Molinaro
Alfredo Pudano
Domenico Ursino


A "Situation-Location" aware system has the main task of handling the set of distributed information and resources available within heterogeneous networks to provide a user with seamless and optimized network access to the desired service from any location. A suitable description of Situation&Location and its whole set of variables can be a powerful means to trade-off among user requirements, application constraints, and underlying network conditions. We propose a Multi Agent System able to capture the concept of Situation&Location and perform the task highlighted above. We follow a general-purpose approach with the aim of guaranteeing the highest versatility is possible. The main strength of our proposed system is its "adaptability" that can be achieved without the use of either new terminals or novel technologies. The only requirement is the introduction of a middleware functionality into already existing terminals and into some network servers.


Context-awareness; Intelligent Agents; user modeling; QoS adaptivity; heterogeneous wireless systems

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5130/ajict.v2i1.8