What's Ahread in High-Speed Wireless Data Communications? The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow - And Different Than What We've Been Expecting

Daniel Foty
Klaus Runge


The present situation in high-speed wireless data communications is examined. While there is growing demand for wireless bandwidth, the most pressing problem affecting this situation today is the attempt to increase bandwidth by using the same technology with tricks - rather than by using innovation. Opportunities for innovation are quite good with higher carrier frequencies, since these enable simplicity and low power consumption and opening the door to truly portable wireless peer-to-peer (WP2P) networking. Numerous challenges exist in technology and design methods; however, meeting these intellectual challenges is the only route to new and exciting wireless data technologies.


Wireless networking, communications, bandwidth, peer-to-peer networking

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5130/ajict.v1i1.28