Layered Mobility Model Architecture - LEMMA

Alexander P Pelov
Thomas Noel


This paper presents the
generic layered architecture for mobility
models (LEMMA), which can be used to
construct a wide variety of mobility
models, including the majority of models
used in wireless network simulations. The
fundamental components of the
architecture are described and analyzed,
in addition to its benefits. One of the core
principles stipulates that each mobility
model is divided in five distinct layers that
communicate via interfaces. This allows
their easy replacement and
recombination, which we support by
reviewing 19 layers that can form 480
different mobility models. Some of the
advanced features provided by the
architecture are also discussed, such as
layer aggregation, and creation of hybrid
and group mobility models. Finally, some
of the numerous existing studies of the
different layers are presented.


Framework, Mobility Models, Wireless Networks

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