Open Access to Resource Management in Multimedia Networks

Evelina Nikolova Pencheva
Ivaylo Ivanov Atanasov


The paper is dedicated to mechanisms for open
access to resource management in the Internet Protocol (IP)
multimedia networks. First we present the concept of IP
Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and explain the IMS functional
architecture, principles of quality of service management and
service control in IMS. Then we describe the idea behind the
opening of network interfaces for third parties so that others
besides the network operator can create and deploy services.
Open Service Access (OSA) and Parlay appear to be the
technologies for value-added service delivery in multimedia
networks. In the paper we take a closer look to the
Parlay/OSA interfaces that allow third party applications to
access the resource management functions in IMS. OSA
"Connectivity Manager" interfaces and OSA "Policy
Management" interfaces are considered. Parlay X Web
Services interfaces provide a higher level of abstraction than
Parlay/OSA interfaces and gain an amazing amount of
support among service developers. We address "Applicationdriven Quality of Service" Parlay X Web Service and
"Policy" Parlay X Web Service also.


Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Quality of service management, Open Service Access, Parlay X

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