Vol 1, No 2 (2014)

Special Issue: Selected and Extended Papers from the Third International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge

This issue is based on the selected, extended, and revised papers that were presented at the Third International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowldge (LAK'13).

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Scientometrics as an Important Tool for the Growth of the Field of Learning Analytics PDF
Negin Mirriahi, Dragan Gasevic, Shane Dawson, Phillip D. Long 1-4

Special Issue - LAK'13 selected, extended, and revised papers

Analysis and Reflections on the Third Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK 2013) PDF
Xavier Ochoa, Dan Suthers, Katrien Verbert, Erik Duval 5-22
Epistemology, Assessment, Pedagogy: Where Learning Meets Analytics in the Middle Space PDF
Simon Knight, Simon Buckingham Shum, Karen Littleton 23‐47
Learning Analytics for Online Discussions: Embedded and Extracted Approaches PDF
Alyssa Wise, Yuting Zhao, Simone Hausknecht 48-71
Analyzing the Main Paths of Knowledge Evolution and Contributor Roles in an Open Learning Community PDF
Iassen Halatchliyski, Tobias Hecking, Tilman Goehnert, H. Ulrich Hoppe 72-93
A Strategy for Incorporating Learning Analytics into the Design and Evaluation of a K-12 Science Curriculum PDF
Carlos Monroy, Virginia Snodgrass Rangel, Reid Whitaker 94-125
Peer Promotions as a Method to Identify Quality Content PDF
Bjorn Levi Gunnarsson, Richard Alterman 126-150
Analyzing Engineering Design through the Lens of Computation PDF
Marcelo Worsley, Paulo Blikstein 151-186