Vol 2, No 2 (2002)


Editor: G Runeson and R Best

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Rick Best, Goran Runeson i


Determining the Optimal Fee-Technical Proposal Combination in Two Envelope Fee Bidding PDF ()
Derek Drew, Connie Kwong, Patrick Zou, L.Y Shen 1-9
Outdoor Workers and Sun Protection: Knowledge and Behaviour PDF
Jane Cioffi, Lesley Wilkes, Jess O'Brien 10-14
The Crisis Management Practices of Australian Construction Companies PDF
M Loosemore, M.M.M Teo 15-26
An Investigation into Factors Influencing Construction Costs Based on Japanese, UK and US Contractor Practice PDF
Hong Xiao, David Proverbs 27-35
The Impact of Culture on International Management: A Survey of Project Communications in Singapore PDF
Dun Tran, Martin Skitmore 36-47
Perceptions of Time, Cost and Quality Management on Building Projects PDF
P.A Bowen, K.S Cattel, K.A Hall, P.J Edwards, R.G Pearl 48-56
Building a House Prices Forecasting Model in Hong Kong PDF
Xin Janet, Ka-Chi Lam 57-70
Barriers to the Development of SME's in the Australian Construction Industry PDF
Anthony Mills, Jim Smith, Peter Love 71-79

Book reviews

Craig Langston 80