Factors influencing the adoption of information technology in a construction business

Kimberley Sargent
Paul Hyland
Sukanlaya Sawang


Construction firms are increasingly utilizing information technologies to better manage geographically dispersed projects. Often these technologies involve changes to existing working practices and processes and are viewed as disruptive by members of the organization. Understanding the factors that can influence individuals’ intention to utilize technology can assist managers to implement strategies to increase and improve the uptake of technologies and improve the innovation adoption process.  Using a case study organization, factors identified in the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) are examined and the UTAUT is extended and by including resistance to change and top management support. The findings indicate effort expectancy, internal facilitating conditions and top management support all influence individuals’ intention to use information technology. The results also show that resistance to change or fear of change does not always play a role in innovation adoption. The findings reinforce the need to support new technologies from both a managerial and technical perspective.



technology adoption, resistance, organizational change, top management support

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