A BIM-Info delivery protocol

Martin Hooper
Anders Ekholm


Today, with many of the technological issues of integrated information management resolved (perhaps excluding the matter of interoperability), defining the content and status of BIM information deliveries remains both a practical and a theoretical problem. New BIM tools and new design processes and procedures have led to a certain confusion of what information is needed for particular BIM uses. This paper seeks to explore and enable a method of defining the content of model information deliverables through a review of 2 key primary specific BIM uses: 3d Design Coordination and Early Energy Appraisal through an analysis of practical application. The scope of this study is limited to a review of information flow within residential projects in a Swedish context and looks at two projects with a view to identify and establish a common definition of the key BIM objects and properties necessary for particular tasks. The key deliverable from this study is the BIM-Info Delivery Protocol (IDP) which attempts to align consultant BIM-information delivery expectations and represents a tangible solution to assist consultants to manage BIM information. Concluding reflections consider the positioning of the IDP relative to the on-going development of IDMs / MVDs and highlight the key constituent parameters of an Information Delivery Specification (IDS).




BIM, Building Information Modelling, information exchange, model information content.

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