A Preliminary Study on Human Resources Management in International Construction

Jianjian Du, Chunlu Liu, David Picken


As construction companies continue to exploreforeign construction markets, variousinternational construction projects are beingundertaken in all corners of the world. In aninternational construction project with manyunique and complicated characteristics, humanresource management can playa significant rolein promoting the efficient use of complex humanresources. The aim of this paper is to establish avalid foundation for further research onmeasuring the impact of human resourcemanagement economically for internationalconstruction projects. The paper examineshuman resource management literature andidentifies the application of the relatedmanagement techniques to the constructionindustry. In addition, the paper uses the literatureanalysis to describe the nature of humanresource management with particular referenceto international construction projects. Inparticular, the research described in this paperidentifies economic performance factors in theimplementation human resource management ininternational construction projects. This paperalso identifies the social effects of humanresource management practices.

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