A Human Perspective of Contractor Prequalification

Bassam Michael Baroudi, Mike Metcalfe


The contractor prequalification topic has had much written on it over the last two decades. In the past it has been primarily viewed in terms of the appropriate selection of contractors for construction projects. There has been extensive research interest into the functional and process driven aspects of contractor prequalification. However, there has been little research taking a more holistic view of contractor prequalification in terms of the human aspects that surround it. Hence, gaining a wider appreciation on how prequalification systems affect the major stakeholders seems warranted. The use of soft systems thinking allowed for an in-depth and contextual analysis of prequalification issues. This necessitated unstructured in-depth interviews to be carried out with senior industry practitioners. Sifting through their respective experiences allowed for an alternative view of contractor prequalification systems. It allowed a very human perspective of prequalification to emerge. The research suggests that viewing prequalification systems from a human perspective provides a fuller picture of their true benefits and limitations.


prequalification, human aspects, soft systems

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