Disaster Restoration Projects: A Conceptual Project Management Perspective

Bassam Baroudi, Randy Rapp


Disaster events create significant challenges for all those involved with affected people and communities having many needs in the ensuing period. One of the major needs is that of reinstating the built environment back to its original pre-disaster condition. That is the restoration and reconstruction of damaged structures. This paper particularly focuses in on the repair and mitigation aspect. These are termed disaster restoration projects and are thought to contain many unique problems not found within conventional construction. The area of project management is continually attracting interest from various sectors. This is mainly due to its perceived value within the business world. Hence, it seems worthwhile that the emerging disaster restoration field look to project management principles and knowledge for possible benefits. With this in mind this study initially presents some background in respect to disasters, restoration and project management. It then follows on to provide a commentary on the topic examining project organization, stakeholders, life cycles, processes and project management knowledge areas. The commentary is founded within project management best practice. Disaster restoration projects would appear to have their own unique attributes and problems. As such, examining disaster restoration projects through a project management lens provides an opportunity to enhance knowledge within this field. It is believed that the application of recognized project management concepts can lead to improved outcomes. This study should prove useful to those involved in disaster restoration projects across the developed and developing world.

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