Centre for Transforming Cultures

December 10, 2008 – December 12, 2008

Cities Nature Justice is a 3-day international symposium addressing the social science and science of sustainability. Participants will be addressing the central question of whether social sustainability be achieved at the same time as environmental sustainability?

Cities Nature Justice will bring together social science and science researchers, environmental activists, Indigenous advocates and communicators from India, China, South East Asia, Australia and the United States to discuss new approaches to understanding city environmental issues by bringing both social science and science to bear on key questions of public space, water and social justice.

Key speakers include:
o Setha Low (Professor of Anthropology, CUNY, President American Anthropological Association) will speak on the three kinds of justice needed to address public space planning and management in cities with high ethnic diversity.
o Kartik Shankar (Associate Professor, Centre for Ecological Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) will speak on city impacts on the challenges to marine biodiversity.
o Dai Qing (Investigative science journalist and social activist) will speak on water, heritage and environmental justice in developing world cities like Beijing.
o John Maynard (Professor of Aboriginal Studies, Newcastle University) will speak on the Aboriginal experience of port cities Newcastle and Sydney.
o Amita Baviskar (Associate Professor, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi University) will speak on environmental politics and the restructuring of urban spaces and livelihoods in Delhi.

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