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“The Third Sector as Civil Society in Australasia: Identity, Role and Influence in the New Century” As we move into the next decade of a rapidly changing and challenging world, we need to constantly revisit our role for ANZTSR. This is a good opportunity, not only to continue our interest in third sector organizations and their governance, but to reassess the wider role of civil society in our region. Accordingly we invite papers along the following, or related themes: Major Themes 1. Social, Political and Economic Issues/Theorisations of the Role and Function of the Third Sector 2. Entrepreneurship and the Third Sector – From Grassroots to Corporate 3. Third Sector Organizations – Value and Role in Civil Society 4. Practice-Based Research in Third Sector Organisations 5. Sector Capacity Building (teaching and learning) This is a preliminary call for papers. We invite individual papers, workshop proposals and special issue panels. Practitioner papers welcome. Submissions should include an abstract of 200 words, with option of review of full papers. Submission due Friday April 16.

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