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System Administrator
Aboriginal land rights
Heidi Norman
"Only white people can be racist": What does power have to do with prejudice?
Pooja Sawrikar
The Rights of Religious Minorities
Samantha Ngui
The rights of energy consumers and the state's responsibility
Lynne Chester
Rights Defence Lawyers and Rights Defence Movement in Contemporary China
Chongyi Feng
Accessible tourism and community based entrepreneurship - the case of O'Carolyns at Port Stephens
Simon Darcy, Bruce Cameron
Human Rights Education
Sev Ozdowski, Vincenzo Andreacchio, Don McArthur, Susan Ryan
Bonafides Ignorance: Post-colonial resistance to relinquishing power and extending rights in Australia
Ingrid Matthews
The Right to Write: Human Rights and Exiled Writers
Ruth Skilbeck
Negotiating Incompatibilities: exploring the role of human rights in a period of heightened security concerns
Conrad Gershevitch
The Right to Work is a Feasible Human Right
Peter Kriesler, J H Nevile
NSW Land Rights
Heidi Norman
Removing unemployment from the social domination toolbox
Victor Quirk
Rights of access: Visitor accessibility in the Sydney CBD through the case of Sydney for All
Simon Darcy, Bruce Cameron, Tracy Taylor
West Papua: Genocide On Our Doorstep
Carmela Baranowska
Inclusion, Exclusion and Religion
Marion Maddox, Archana Parashar, Malcolm Voyce, Denise Meyerson
Broadened Horizons? Promoting global citizenship through Gap-Year Youth Travel Experiences
Stephen Wearing, John Neill, Kevin Lyons
The Right to Housing
Alan Morris
A human-rights based approach to climate change for Indigenous people
Emma Partridge
Jonathan Pratt
Human Rights and Development
Michael Johnson
Environmental rights in China
Hongyan Gu
Social Inclusion: The Experience of Migrants and Refugees in the Australian labour market
Nega Abeselom
Arguing for an Australian Human Rights Act
Spencer Zifcak
Flaws in the current Anti Discrimination Act
Peter Chan
Asylum seeker movement and how it affected their view of their country, their government, their friends, their democracy etc
Margot O'Neil
Responsibility of financial centres
Jocelyn Pixley
Having a Say// Responsibility is a right
Ingrid Hindell
Rights of the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual People
Louise Pratt, Penny Sharpe
Peace Journalism and Media Activism
Jake Lynch
Rule through law: regulating religion in protesting Tibet
Susette Cooke
Melbourne - A City for People of All Abilities - Working to Ensure Human Rights, Interconnected Relations and Active Citizenship
Vickie Feretopoulos
Aboriginal rights movement
Heidi Norman
Trade liberalisation and the international human rights law prohibition on racial discrimination
Gillian Moon
The period following the passing of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act and the dramatic changes that took place in NSW in the 1980s
Barry Morris
Do Rights Help Women? Some Thoughts from South Africa
Beth Goldblatt


Reconciliation of what and to whom?: the Australian challenge
Phillippa Cordwell
The Politics of Remembering and Forgetting: native title law and reconciliation in Australia
Francesca Dominello
Reconciliation: what do young people think?
Kate Aubrey-Poiner
Moving Forward: towards a substantive reconciliation process in Australia
Andrew Gunstone
Rethinking Sport: Providing Opportunities for Reconciliation
Nico Schulenkorf, Alana Thomson
Reconciliation and the Media: a study of newspaper reporting of Reconciliation post-2000
Ben Spies-Buther, Sylvie Ellsmore
Where were you on 13 February 2008? Community responses to the Parliamentary Apology to the Stolen Generations
Ingrid Matthews
Reflecting on Reconciliation at the Grassroots
Joanna Lunzer
Village Space - Dramatised, interactive stories of global justice
Jenny Collins-White
Aboriginal Perspectives in school curricula
Kevin Lowe


What is this thing called Respect? Perspectives on post-multiculturalism
Cameron McAuliffe, Greg Noble, Fiona Allon, George Morgan
Participatory Research Project People's Voices
Margaret Bell
Multiculturalism, media engagement and industry impacts
Georgina McClean
Belonging in Civil Society: views from the inside, glimpses from the outside
Hilary Yerbury
Respect and Disrespect among Muslims and Non-Muslim students in Sydney
Kais Al-momani
Islam and its call for justice...
Fatima Skaf
Respect in our schools - the first step towards increasing student participation
Noel Grannall, Kathie Power
The right of refugee students to education: whole school and systemic responses
Dorothy Hoddinott, Jane Wallace, Kim Cootes
Hussain Faiz
The language of peace and understanding not racism in multicultural Australia
Nina Madaad
Ethnocultural diversity, indigeneity, and Australian sport: what are the key challenges?
Daryl John Adair
Managing Racism and Sexism The Intersections of Class, Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Among Asian Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs in Australia
Angeline Low
Dealing with Difference: Building Culturally Responsive Classrooms
Nina Burridge, John Buchanan
A Question of Boundaries: A Close Encounter with Victoria's Religious Vilification Law
Hanifa Deen
The politics of 'dialogue' and 'integration': Mapping community relations programs in Australia
Chris Ho
'Who's Afraid of Interfaith Dialogue': Examining the Politics and Legitimations of a Faith-Based Organisation.
Goldie Osuri
Social cohesion in Australia
Andrew Markus
'I'm not religious but' .... A secular feminist's response to interfaith dialogue in Australia
Barbara Bloch
"Colour blind" casting and a fair go for all Australian Actors
Jon-Claire Lee
Faith and Spirituality: hope or hindrance for respect and reconciliation
Peter Maher
Panicking over Diversity? The Proposed Islamic School in Camden
Ryan Al-Natour
Living Libraries Australia: fostering social inclusion in local communities
Shauna McIntyre
Wrapped in the flag, Australia Day, Coogee, Sydney 2007.
Asma Yusra
'No one looks at me': Bengali speaking Muslim women, cultural diversity and Australian lives
Devleena Ghosh


Citizenship, Rights and the Sex Industry
Jason Prior, Spike Boydell, Penny Croft, Jo Holden, Andrew Miles
Geographies of Racism Policy Panel
Anne Aly, Hurriyet Babacan, Anne Burgess, Amy Lamoin, Kim Webster
Identifying the problem, and formulating solutions
Jim Forrest, Kevin Dunn
Prejudice Reduction With Respect To Aboriginal Australians And Muslim Australians: Can What Is Learned Be Unlearned?
Anne Pedersen, Anne Aly, Lisa Hartley, Craig McGarty
Creating a post-Olympic civil society: Sydney Olympic Park and the two-way stretch between sport culture and arts culture as nodes for a new city.
Christine Burton
The premier of a short performance piece: a tale of when markets and social missions collide
Bronwen Dalton, Jenny Green, Melissa Edwards, Marie Dela Rama
Realistic Utopias: Authentic Public Intellectualism and Active Citizenship
Helen Ann Fordham
Good Governance - Cultural Citizenship
Paul Rappoport
No place like Home: civil society and co-operative housing in the new century .
Susan McClean, Paul Downton, Jenny Onyx
Individualized responsibility and climate change: if climate protection becomes everyone's responsibility, does it end up being no-one's?
Jennifer Kent
Citizen participation in decisions about Australia's climate change response
Chris Riedy
Kevin Dunn, James Forrest, Rogelia Pe-Pua
Leadership and Active Citizenship in Small towns
Jenny Onyx, Rosemary Leonard
Dead men walking? The Australian print media's role in depicting the death penalties in the cases of the Bali Nine and Bali Bombers.
Virginia Margaret Small
Responsibility, "response-ability" and the possibilities of citizenship
Penelope Rossiter
Is this what democracy looks like?
Ania Lucewicz
'Woman', 'Native', and the 'Other' Ecological Footprint
Ariel Salleh
Lebanese but Stateless: Negotiating Citizenship through the Arts in a Confessional Society
Nour Dados
Bernard Guerin
Addressing Racism Through "Positive Duties" Legislation
Yin Paradies
Loga Chandrakumar, Yin Paradies, Gabrielle Berman, Marion Frere
'What did you do in the War against Climate Change?' Climate change, direct action and inter-generational responsibility
James Goodman, Rick Flowers, Rebecca Pearce
Working with the Aboriginal Communities
Helen Campbell
Who are the locals? Social inclusion and local belonging
Rob Garbutt
Harnessing the Power of Humanity: Active Citizenship Among Volunteers from Migrant and Refugee Communities
Steve Francis, Beatriz Miralles-Lombardo
The impact of individual advocacy by Australian Community Service Organizations - systemic change or maintenance?
Bronwen Dalton, John Casey, Jenny Onyx, Rose Melville
Pursuing a Progressive Agenda Online
Anna Saulwick

Cross Theme proposals

Generating Social Capital:How Philanthropy can be a Springboard for Societal Advancement
Gena Rotstein
Panel Title: Managing Diversity in organisations: Respect, Responsibility or Rhetoric?
Lucy Taksa
Social Disorder as a Social good
Jonathan Marshall
The 2Rs - Respect and Responsibility: The Case of Australian Muslim Girls
Nahid Afrose Kabir
Respect and responsibility through community service learning
Martina Boese, Lyne Nicole
Get up, Stand up - Fighting intolerance
Michael Harmey
Teaching the 4Rs in the school curriculum
Brian Elliott
Ready participants - the missing ingredient in the participatory democracy equation
Jane Alexandra Stratton
Supporting young migrants from the Horn of Africa with culturally appropriate and effective mentoring
Megan Griffiths, Pooja Sawrikar, Kristy Muir
Climate as Cosmopolitical Medium of Exchange: from the Yolgnu Weather-man to the Chicago Climate Futures Trader
Jeremy Walker
The (D)evolution of Australia's Equal Opportunity Legislation
Andrea North-Samarzdic
Citizenship testing in Australia, Canada and Britain
Maria Chisari
Responsibility for Climate Change and Rights to Development - Resolving this successfully for the sake of the planet
Ian McGregor
Respect or responsibility for differences? Migrant workers, inter-cultural relations and barriers to EEO and diversity-related initiatives
Lucy Taksa, Dimitria Groutsis
Making Multicultural Australia: strategies for using digital media in education for an inclusive diverse future
Andrew Jakubowicz, Mara Moustafine
Penalising social advocacy: the politics of charitable status
James Goodman
Not Right and Not Responsible
Penny Crofts
Civil Society and Social Inclusion
Mark Lyons
The Dynamics of Islamic Fundamentalism: Women in the Middle
Patricia Madigan
Tanja Dreher, Justine Lloyd, Penny O'Donnell, Catherine Thill
The Context for Diversity Management: rights and responsibilities
John Burgess, Erica French, Glenda Strachan
Fear Mongering and Social Inclusion...and the twain shall never meet ? ? !
Wafa Chafic
Translating and Interpreting: The Keys to Language Diversity, a 'Fair Go' and the 4Rs.
Lindsay Heywood, Susan Bures, Adolfo Gentile
The Rights and Wrongs of the Regulation of the Sex Industry
Penny Crofts
Schools in action: Promoting the 4Rs
Stan Browne
Social Inclusion and mental health: evidence into practice
Jenna Bateman
Closing Plenary:: Priorities for the future in social inclusion
Philip Patrick Glendenning

Keynotes and Plenaries

Globalisation:: Saskia Sassen in conversation (tbc)
Saskia Sassen
Plenary One:: Social Inclusion
Elleni Bereded, Linda Burney, Andrew Jakubowicz, Bruce Baird
Plenary Two:: 300 Days: Social Inclusion and the Rudd Government
Sharon Burrow, Tom Calma, Robert Manne, Laurie Ferguson, Sev Ozdowski
Maqsood Alshams