Conferences, 4Rs 2008

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Aboriginal Perspectives in school curricula
Kevin Lowe

Last modified: 2008-09-27


These two school presentations will focus on the work of teachers who have developed innovative teaching and learning programs that example authentic integration of Aboriginal perspectives within mainstream curriculum. Teachers, Aboriginal workers and students will speak about their experiences and reflect on their work and the impact that these programs have had on teacher and student understanding of Aboriginal people.

Students and staff from Casimir Catholic College in Marrickville will focus on Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) unit of work called Enviro-Traveller. This unit, which focuses on students' development of project design and ICT skills, integrates knowledge of Aboriginal cultural and environmental practices and how these can assist students to seek local solutions to environmental issues.

The presentation My story your story from St Phillip's Christian College in Newcastle revolves around an English unit of work for Years 7 - 8. The development and teaching of this unit of work has had a wider impact on reconciliation in the school community.


Janet Cairncross - Teacher - Casimir College
Allana Taylor - Aboriginal Education Worker
Kerrie Pieri and Adam Berehovy - Students

Anne Anshau-Roach - teacher St Phillip's Christian College
Helen Lee - teacher St Phillip's Christian College
Michael Donovan - Lecturer Newcastle University and Aboriginal educator


Aboriginal, Indigenous, Education, perspectives

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