Conferences, 4Rs 2008

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Citizenship, Rights and the Sex Industry
Jason Prior, Spike Boydell, Penny Croft, Jo Holden, Andrew Miles

Last modified: 2008-08-31


Citizenship is normally framed in abstract terms with seemingly little or no relevance to the sexuality of the citizen. In the past decade a growing body of literature has begun to argue that when it comes to the matter of exercising citizenship rights sexuality becomes of key relevance. Within this emerging literature particular attention has been drawn to the way in which the rights of particular sexualities "homosexuality, sex work, sex outside of marriage" have changed significantly over recent decades. This panel session explores the mosaic of rights that have emerged in recent decades within the NSW context associated with sex work and sex industry premises such as brothels and parlours; for example citizens are now able to legally engage in street based sex work within designated areas across the State. Drawing on a series of recent studies the panel explores and discusses particular aspects of this emerging mosaic of rights "the right to safety, the right to use the spaces of the city" and the responsibilities that authorities, amongst others, have in maintaining them.

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