About UTS ePress

UTS ePRESS is the digital, open access scholarly publishing arm of the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). We publish high quality scholarly titles across a wide range of academic disciplines, including governance, history, law, literacy, international studies, society and social justice and indigenous studies. Focusing on open access digital formats only, UTS ePress currently publishes journals, books and conference proceedings and is the leading publisher of peer reviewed open access journals in Australasia.

Established in 2004 to further open access to scholarly outputs, UTS ePRESS seeks to publish peer reviewed, scholarly literature in areas of strategic priority for UTS and beyond, attracting the involvement of leading scholars from around the world. In doing so, our aim is to enhance scholarly publishing by exploring, innovating and enabling new modes of publication in the digital arena.

UTS ePRESS is a not-for-profit publisher. We strongly support the free dissemination of scholarly material and, since our inception, have deepened our commitment to open access publishing, despite the growth of complex and diverse publishing models across the world. Our goal is to extend the reach, impact and benefits of UTS and non-UTS research and scholarly content, by making it openly available and widely accessible to a global audience.

To achieve this aim, UTS ePRESS also enables open access to the research publications of UTS authors via UTS ePRESS Research, the digital repository of published UTS works.


  • We are very happy to announce that all UTS ePRESS journal works submitted after March 31, 2014 will be licensed CC BY 4.0 or Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. This upgrade to CC BY 4.0 is a central pillar of our ongoing work to enhance the Open Access credentials and functionality of UTS ePRESS, the publishing arm of the University of Technology, Sydney. It is also a part of our wider committment to the key principles of the Open Knowledge movement generally, and the BOAI Declaration specifically. UTS ePRESS will soon add DOIs to its journal content and provide HTML versions (in addition to existing PDFs) to enable better web-sharing and re-use of our journal content. We hope this not only builds the global reach and impact of our journal content, for the scholars involved, but also allows the largest possible audience to reap the benefits of the global sharing and use of publicly funded research-knowledge. 
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Systems and Formats

UTS ePRESS uses the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) software products Open Journals System (OJS) and Open Conference System (OCS) to publish our journal titles and conference proceedings.

Journal articles and conference proceedings are available in the following formats:

      • Acrobat PDF

Books are available in the following formats:

    • Acrobat PDF (text and interactive), ePub
    • Some books are freely available in iBook format for IOS mobile devices from the UTS ePRESS site at the iTunes store
    • Selected eBooks are also available Print-on-Demand (PoD) via Sydney University Press

Information for Authors


Please refer to the guidelines for individual UTS ePRESS journals. Manuscript submissions must be made to the individual journal titles. The Editorial Committee of each journal will assess each submission and arrange evaluation via peer review.


Please contact UTS ePRESS if you would like to publish a book with us

Conference Proceedings

Please contact UTS ePRESS if you would like to manage your conference using our systems and publish the proceedings with us

Information for Journal Managers

OJS has extensive documentation and guides available, reccommended is the OJS in an Hour PDF.

Technical Problems – please contact UTS ePRESS.

If you are interested in publishing a journal title with UTS ePRESS please contact us.

Information for Conference Managers

OCS has extensive documentation and guides available, reccommended is the OCS in an Hour PDF.

Technical Problems – please contact UTS ePRESS.

If you are interested in publishing conference proceedings with UTS ePRESS please contact us

Information for Readers

Formats and Systems

To view PDF versions of our journal articles, books or conference proceedings you will need the most recent version of Adobe Reader (freely downloaded from Adobe). ePub files can be downloaded to computers, ebook readers and devices such as tablets and mobile phones. iBook versions can be downloaded from the UTS ePRESS site at the iTunes store.

Printed copies of UTS ePRESS books

Selected eBooks are available print-on-demand (POD) via Sydney University Press. Contact us for assistance


To encourage the open dissemination of information, all UTS ePRESS publications are freely available to anyone to read. For other uses such as copying or further distribution you should consider the rights of the author and check the specific copyright conditions for each publication. UTS ePRESS publications may employ Creative Commons Licenses or more traditional copyrights whereby the journal or author retains copyright to the work. 

In general, UTSePRESS retains worldwide rights for the first electronic distribution of the journal article, book or conference item.

Those wishing to copy or re-use any work published within the UTS ePRESS collection should check the copyright notice covering the work - to be found in the “About” section of each journal or book or conference item.

For copyright enquiries, please contact UTS ePRESS

Download Charges

There is no charge for downloading our material.


For any queries related to UTS ePRESS please contact the UTS Library eScholarship Department